new beginnings

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and a happy new years!

I haven't posted in a while because ive been super busy with family problems and family fun and moving. Yep. Moving. I'm back in Ontario folks. I have to admit, I will miss Montreal. It's a beautiful city. I just feel more at home here.

Ive been doing a LOT of knitting over this winter break.  A LOT. As my camera (my baby) is still in repairs, i've kind of held off taking pictures of the stuff i've been making as the camera I have to use is crap. That being said, I did take a few pictures so I could add some new items to ye olde shoppe. 

Here's some pictures:

I've also re-opened my photography print store. 
This one is my favourite: 

Anyways, that's about all that's new with me right now. Im just looking for a job so I can save up rent money to move in with my best friend!

Whats new with all yalls? What crazy things did you do over your holidays? Tell me a funny story!



  1. Your blog is so nice. Your work is beautiful. I am glad to see that your getting past moving. Moving simply sucks.

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