So after listing all my new items in my shop, I find the time to create.
Only (and this has never happened to me before) I feel a block and have no idea what to make!

Thinking that taking my mind off of it for a while, (you're going to think im insane) I cleaned my entire bathroom with a toothbrush. Now the bathroom looks great, but I still can't create.

What do you do to inspire yourself? What helps you create?


animal danimals

i shipped things yesterday and I made cute little notes to go with them and wrapped them cute.
ive also been constantly adding things to my shop.

i was feeling down because im lame and have arthritis at 21 so today my boyfriend took me to the biodome!

it was fun because im obsessed with animals and ended up naming everything and dicating all of their actions.



I NEEED this kitteh!



well. It`s 4:30 pm and it`s already dark out. how depressing!

to cheer myself up, i read comics. here are my top five favourites!:
1) Questionable Content
2) White Ninja
3) Dinosaur Comics
4) Boy on a Stick and Slither
5) Cat and Girl

and Postsecret is always a great read on sundays!



I finally finished adding all of my newly made items to my shop! As I was doing so, Ive created a few more items so be sure to watch for them. Here are pictures of some of my favourite things:


Felted Recycled Beads

I know. I know. You are a knitter and you have a bajillion scraps of leftover yarn that are way too small to make anything with. wronnnggggg!

I promise I`ll do a tutorial on how to make these. They are the best things that have ever happened to me.

Anyways, I just uploaded these to my shop. They are made with (obviously) recycled felted wool beads.


Charm Bracelet Mania

I can`t believe how many things I have neglected to upload to my shop.
Right now im working on the charm bracelets that i`ve made.
Mraaaaa it`s taking so long!

Here`s some pictures:


oh hai!

so it seems i`ve finally gotten to making a blog.
obviously it will look way cuter when i can organize things a little better.

but for now, im going to tell you two things!

1) I am on twitter as of last night. and im already addicted.
click here to follow me.

2) i am adding like a million new things to my shop over the next couple days.
right now I am adding knitted things!