gettin' cozy

first of all I would like to thank dirtyprettythings for my little feature in her blog!

now down to business.

okay so i have been a knitting maniac lately.
so much that i have thrown my shoulder into an arthritic fit.

a lot of good has come of it though. for one, i have been extremely prolific. I now have lots of knitted goods in my shop.

here are some of my favourite new things:

I have also been getting cozy by drinking waay too much hot chocolate.
I actually believe that I have created the most perfect recipe for it EVER.
It starts off with homemade marshmallows. (recipe can be found here)

It is then followed with my hot chocolate recipe:
  • 1 handfull of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 handfull of white chocolate chips
  • 2 cups of 2% milk
  • 1 tsp of salted butter (sounds weird but salt makes sweets taste better)
  1. In a saucepan set on medium heat, melt butter in milk while continuously stirring with whisk.
  2. When milk is hot (just before boiling), add in both chocolate chips.
  3. Whisk until all chips are melted and serve immediately (with marshmallows on top!)
It ends up looking like this:

Great, now I want some.


  1. Wonderful knits! Hot chocolate recipe sounds yummy...I love butter in my hot chocolate, too. Thanks for sharing!

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