Im really into spinning lately.
I don't remember what initially sparked my interest in it. One day I just went to Romni Wools (my favourite place to get yarns and things in Toronto) one day and asked how to get started.

I wanted to start with something
inexpensive so I bought a drop spindle and a bag of carded merino wool.
I love doing it in front of the tv or while watching a movie. It's relaxing in the same way as knitting; it's repetitive, and if you're like me, you always need to be doing something with your hands.

I still kind of struggle getting an even texture but I actually really like the unevenness of the yarn i've been making. I think it looks more homemade and it is great to knit with.

I've also been experimenting with dyeing; I tried both natural and chemical. I liked natural the best because it was inexpensive, and honestly, I feel better about making / wearing garments free of chemicals. The chemical dyeing process is a lot more predictable and even and sometimes prettier (I recently bought a really nice colour called "meadow"), but whatever.

My favourite dyeing experience was with strawberries. It made such a beautiful light pink colour; it reminded me of ice cream.

Anyways I think every knitter or crocheter should try spinning at least once. I can almost guarantee you'll get addicted.


p.s. I have one item in my shop right now that was made of handspun (by me) yarn: Olivia's Completely Handmade Cowl / Neckwarmer

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  1. Any suggestions on likely places to look into learning how to spin? =)