okay so i have lots of news. lots of good news!

first: memory collector was featured in a gift guide on etsy!

WEEEE! that made my day.

second: i updated all of the shipping prices in the shop so that when more than one item is purchased, you only pay the first shipping price. (like, if you buy earrings AND a notebook, its still only $4 to ship in north america) 

third: i added four new items (one was sold already). two items in the Aunt Dharma Collection, and two items in the Great Grandma Victoria Collection. one of the items is my favourite thing ive ever made:

fourth: every item in the Miscellaneous Heirlooms Collection is now $2 cheaper!

and finally,
fifth: there are now TEN items for $2 in the Clearance Heirlooms Collection.

p.s. be on the look out for new collections! wink wink.


  1. The new locket is awesome! I love the shark vertebra necklace! It's awesome, I've put it on my wishlist. Fingers crossed my boyfriend picks it up:)

  2. LOVE your shop and your blog! thank you for an inspiring visit!

    love + luck + bliss,